On the afternoon of 28, national WeiJianWei publicly released “donate organs obtain an

d distribution management regulations”, this is triggered in August 2013 revised on the b

asis of the original trial regulations.The regulations of chapter 6 of article 42, including general rules, the donation of b

ody organs to obtain, to donate organs for organization of quality management and control requirements, the donation of

body organs, supervision and management, the distribution of the bylaws.

  National WeiJianWei said, with the advancement of human organ donation an

d transplantation, on the one hand around to strengthen the human body or

gan procurement organizations (hereinafter referred to as the OPO) management for a lot of beneficial ex

ploration, have formed some good working mode and working mechanism, needs in the form of system of curing do

wn;On the other hand the regulations (try out) “some of the terms and conditions and the development of organ don

ation and transplantation work does not adapt, need to clear and refinement of management requires further.

  Therefore, national WeiJianWei organizations to revision of the regulations (try out) “, published “donate orga

ns obtain and distribution management stipulation” (the health medical hair [2019] no. 2, hereinafter re

ferred to as the regulations) effective as of March 1, 2019, the regulations (try out) “shall be repealed simultaneously.


  Tencent sports inquiry Beijing time on October 22 in the morning, west re-sche

duled week 9 rounds, barak away 1-0 win against real betis.Regal Angulo heroics.

  1 minute, after receiving the ball, outside at the big shot, his ball above the uppe

r right corner of the goal.The 16th minute, valladolid issued a direct free kick,

outside at the big shot, his ball higher goal on the upper left corner.18th minu

te, after receiving the ball, oona outside at the big shot, his blasted out of the left colum

n.After 20 minutes, W – carvalho pass, barthes pull outside at the big shot, his ball

above the upper right corner of the goal

.26 minutes, valladolid corner, Joe martinez on the left is very distant foot, a ball left column.

  49 minutes, after receiving connor les wide cross, in the middle header, the ball w

ide on the left side of the column.A minute later, valladolid bor ha replaced the i

njured base.52 minutes, dry your win free kick for real betis in the other half.58 minu

tes, boulder, damage the ball out of the bottom line, real betis win corner.Then ba

rak dolly was Joe martinez because malicious foul, was booked by the referee.


Tiger flapping on January 26 Barcelona star Lionel messi request for fellow

Sarah’s search and rescue work, and to Sarah to send blessings.

Despite a number of professionals, said Sarah the chances of survival is smaller, b

ut many players also called continues to Sara on search and rescue.Messi also joined the camp.He on social networking s

ites, for “as long as there is a chance, ask you not to give up the rescue Sarah, support of Sarah’s family and friends.”

Cardiff new signing private plane lost event touched the hearts of the football a

ll guernsey, police announced last night in Beijing time is no longer the plane to Sar

a for search and rescue.More than announced after the Argentine star called for, please don’t give up on their co

mpatriots Sarah’s search and rescue, Barcelona star Lionel messi in the personal social media also called for the event.

Sarah’s the plane disappeared in across th

e English channel, Sarah’s compatriot Lionel messi hopes to make every effort to rescue workers continue to search and re

scue, don’t give up, although there have been the expert points out, has little Sarah’s survival probability.


On January 22nd, circulated a online interview with sun nan [microblogging] wif

e Pan Wei video, video, sun nan wife Pan Wei said three years ago to their children’s education, selected a school fo

r the traditional culture of xuzhou, she moved to xuzhou and sun nan to take their children to live in.

Attracted by the sun nan couples, the traditional culture of the school is called “ea

st China”.Sun nan a couple is in 700 yuan only six rental room, staged “mencius’s mother three times” to send thei

r children attended “huaxia east”, has been many netizens questioned in professor “national studies”.

The relevant person in charge of xuzhou city, jiangsu province department of ed

ucation to the media, “east China” is the scope of business approved by education run by the local training in

stitutions, is a private non-enterprise legal person units.The training institutions can only be engaged in the sh

ort-term training, cannot be engaged in full-time teaching for primary and middle school students.

Because of the education problem of children boarded out, don’t know how sun nan couples at the moment the mood…

So, the toast Sun Nangu huaxia east actually looks like?The teaching organization, teaching contents include fe

male, whether the “classics”?China news agency reporters in the field to visit the “east”.


There has been a lot of controversy about whether to help the old people who fall down

on the Internet. Previously, there were news reports that pedestrians were blac

kmailed by their families in hospitals after they helped the fallen elderly. In fact, this is also a practical problem. Many elderly people will suffer from var

ious kinds of illnesses as they get older, and their health will also deteriorate. Once they fall to the ground, they will prob

ably suffer from fracture and other problems. After being sent to the hos

pital, there are also many problems of old and new diseases. Medical expenses often co

st a lot of money. Family members will be in a hurry when they know the situation. It is

very likely that the passers-by who is kind enough to rescue the fallen elderly will be re

garded as the perpetrators, thus causing misunderstanding.

Streets of Wuhan

Recently, such a thing happened on the streets of Wuhan. A man of Anhui nationality suddenly collapsed on the side of the road with a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. The five students who passed by just saw this scene. So they took pictures and got evidence and went to help the old man who fell down. According to the rescue students, they were going to print the materials at the printing shop outside school. Then they happened to see a middle-aged man wearing glasses sitting on the ground, with a painful expression and gasping for breath.

Touch porcelain comics

They were also hesitant to see such a situation. They were worried about whether it would be the person who touched the porcelain or some kind of cheater. But in the end, they decided to ask their companions to take out their mobile phones and take photos for evidence, and then to rescue the middle-aged man. And they also said that if this happened again, they would help others.

The controversy of this matter lies in taking pictures and taking evidence befo

re saving people. In a sense, it is the act of acquiescing that the other party may

be a bad person before making such a move. This also makes the good thing of saving people seem less pure in the initial m

otivation, and seems not in line with the perfect image of a good person in people’s hearts.


Zhongxin. com, Jan. 23, the Ministry of Finance released the fiscal revenue and expen

diture of 2018 on its official website. The data show that from January to De

cember, the total revenue of the national general public budget was 18335.2 billion yua

n, an increase of 6.2% over the same period last year. The national general pub

lic budget expenditure is 2209.6 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7% over the same period last year.

Among them, the central general public budget revenue was 8544.7 billion yuan, an increase of 5.3% over the same period last year; the local general public budget revenue at the corresponding level was 9790.5 billion yuan, an increase of 7% over the same period last year. Tax revenue of the national general public budget revenue was 156.401 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3% over the same period of last year; non-tax revenue was 269.51 billion yuan, a decrease of 4.7% over the same period of last year.

Treasury department. (Information chart) Kim Shuo-shou, a journalist from China New Network

From January to December, the total expenditure of the national general pub

lic budget was 2209.6 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7% over the same period last year. Among them, the central ge

neral public budget expenditure at the corresponding level of 3270.8 billion yuan, an increase of 8.8% over the same period of last year; the local general publ

ic budget expenditure of 188.98 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7% over the same period of last year.


  In the past few decades, China’s progress is all see in the eye, from nothin

g, or sand dust, and all the way to the present traffic, high-rise buildings, subwa

y, train the plane, and so on.This is enough t

o reveal our country for the economic and technology improvement.

  Although these can bring great convenience to the folks who, but think small

make up the most increase or the national quality, for many people to underst

and the importance of quality, especially after th

e age of dazed and confused, don’t think should become more mature and rational some?

  Small make up today to talk about the case, both a

ssociated with the quality, also related to education.Recently, small make

up to know things happen in anhui Jin Zhai, a l

ittle less so now on the way PanShanDao caused a tragedy, a private cars and buses.

  It is understood that the woman ryu children because want to go to cram, so I’ll catch the bus to the tutorial site.But Liu M

oumou children because late one step, the bus station after seeing nobody get in the car and drive away, buses, and ryu c

hildren just ran to the station, but look at the car away, they told the mother didn’t catch the bus.

  Mother ryu after listen to great anger, immediately drove to their childr

en.Open after a final saw just don’t let her daughter get on the bus, the girl will d

irectly ryu speed up, on the way PanShanDao for overtaking.But after overtaking behavior have been angry!

  Women’s open in front of the bus, and

the acceleration deceleration, is to want to be forced to stop the bus driver, in front of the bus driver saw a cliff, just to b

e safe and stopped the car, to call the police.And ryu to get off on the car, then call to: why not let my daughter get on the bus.

  In the end, the driver ryu on suspicion of illegally intercepting motor vehic

les are the policemen punishment according to law.For this matter, small make up think: the big said, is parents hav

e no mature model, went to small said, is that there is no quality, and don’t care about the child’s education.So for this

punishment is granted, miss stand no need, also is taken for granted.Netizens, what do you think


  According to foreign media reports, the hayley Baldwin (Hailey Baldwin) and Justin

Bieber (Justin Bieber) of marriage, her cousin John Ireland Bald

win (Ireland) not only declared his support for, and in her view, they is almost a match made in heaven.On Janu

ary 19, Stephen Ireland, told the press, “hayley and Justin are a match made in heaven, because they are the sam

e person.Two people are and cordial, appreciate each other, love each other very much.”

  Hayley and cousin John Ireland Baldwin

  John Ireland also thinks the newly-married couple in the spotlight of life traje

ctory is the same.”They had experienced the same struggle, I think they can support each other.Times cha

nge and we all meet the setbacks, I think they are associated with everything unde

r our experience, anxiety, stress, or whatever it is, for each other is a good thing.”

  It is reported, bieber, 24 and 22, married her court in New York last Septe

mber, will hold a wedding in March in Los Angeles.Al claimed that he didn’t know more details of the wedding.”We are

delighted to attend the wedding, but I don’t know the time and place, it’s our pleasure for them.”

  Her uncle Billy Baldwin (Billy Baldwin) revealed the few names on the guest list.He said: “who are the wedding?Her

and all her girlfriends, of the house of Kim kardashian and Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid), Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner) and others.”


  Beijing time on January 22 afternoon, according to the various media

messages, the premier league club Cardiff city new signings Sarah confirm lost in

plane.It is reported that the plane carrying two people, including Sarah herself an

d the pilot, there are two helicopters is a search and rescue work, but so far there is no any news!

  On January 20, Cardiff city officially announced the signing of French fc nantes Sa

ra, worth up to 17 million euros, Cardiff city club record transfer fee record, the two sides

signed a contract until the summer of 2022.Sar

ah,, 28, the nationality, on behalf of the Frenc

h nantes team made 21 appearances this season, scoring 13 goals and 2 assists.

  After the two sides signed a contract, Sarah speeding to Cardiff city, the plane was due to

arrive by 9 p.m. local time, but the plane lost at about 8:30.Police said: “a few hours

ago, disappeared from radar in a light aircraft, search and rescue operations are cu

rrently alderney island and jersey near.”It is reported that there was light rain, w

hen the plane lost but is not big.However, the bad weather is still in a certain extent hindered the rescue work.

  On October 27, 2018, premier league club leicester city boss d guess by helico

pter, shortly after taking off, unfortunately is out of control crashed to the gr

ound, the plane of the five people were killed, including d guess, painful.Let a perso

n unexpectedly is that only less than three

months, the same sad story happening again in the football field.At presen

t, many fans went to Sarah’s ins account give blessings, hope Sara will safe and sound!

  Here, the only prayer!Good luck to Sarah!Let tragedy away from football!


  Recently, the changsha city intermediate people’s court of the other party claims are securities investors, the first-i

nstance judgment, court part to support claims for investors., according to securities rights lawyer ZangXiaoLi several i

nvestors received the civil judgment of trial, the court ruled that the defendant Peking University founder group co., LTD., founder securities co., LTD., co

mpensate for the losses to the plaintiff, the court ruled that the amount of compensation to investors vary from person to person, from several million to be comm

on, or even thousands of yuan, are the concrete depends on the individual investors trade situation.

  ZangXiaoLi lawyer said, is the scope of the first-instance judgment maintai

ning founder securities investors: on August 9, 2011 (founder securities ipo) to July 14,

2015, during the founder securities shares (stock code: 601901), and after July 15, 2015 to sell or damaged investors continue to hold the stock.

  Founder securities in issued on August 31, 2018 on the announcement of companies involved in the litigation, has carried o

n the disclosure to investors the progress of the lawsuit.Announcement: by the end of August 2018, a number of investo

rs, filed a false statement of securities liability disputes litigation the amounts to 23063.07, amounting to 23063 yuan securities company founder has pr

ovision for impairment of 1793.55 ten thousand yuan.Above case series, changsha, then in 2018, two days on Decem

ber 4, 5, tried publicly 259 of them, the rest there are a number of cases is not yet officially started.At present,

has been to win the judgment of the case are in December 2018, 4, 5, this two days trial case.

  Review after May 10, 2017, founder securities received the China securities regulatory c

ommission announced the decision for administrative penalty.The CSRC

ticket after landing, numerous founder securities stock investors litigation to court to lodge a claim.

  The China securities regulatory commission determined that Peking Univers

ity founder group co., LTD. (founder group), founder securities violati

ons, such as the fact is: a, founder group, and reed technology, Tibet, zhao melts, Tibet, let big conceal relationship, not

with founder securities information disclosure obligations;Second, founder group did not inform the founder of the rele

vant securities will sign supplementary agreement, did not match the founder securities information disclo

sure obligations.Securities regulatory commission (CSRC) verify that the phase “supplementary agreemen

t” is a matter of controlling shareholder of founder group founder securities equity structure.CSRC